Wedge Pillow
Wedge Pillow for Acid Reflux, Heartburn

Medical professionals commonly encourage a wedge pillow to sufferers of acid reflux disease mainly because it reduces heartburn symptoms when that you are sleeping. It is very very simple to understand why a wedge pillow does work so long as we realize how acid reflux can take place. Let’s take a brief look.

What is acid reflux?
- Acid reflux occurs when gastric acid flows backwards, or “refluxes” coming from the stomach upwards back into the esophagus.

What’s heartburn?
- Heartburn is the symptom of acid reflux. This is the pains suffered when ever acid reflux ensues. Acid reflux is considered the process, whereas heartburn is the feeling.

What is GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease)?
- In cases where acid reflux becomes serious and/or long-term, it’s labeled GERD.

While a person is upright, your esophagus is up above your stomach as a result, naturally, gravity helps to hold gastric acid down inside ones stomach. When you lie down, your esophagus is now at approximately the exact same level as your stomach in which helps make it a lot simpler for the gastric acid to flow back directly into an individual’s esophagus. That’s the reason why acid reflux frequently happens whenever you are resting and works to make resting quite hard for those battling with GERD.

How can a wedge pillow work?

A bed wedge pillow sets ones upper body at an slope when you are laying down. This enables gravity to keep the acid down inside a person’s stomach and is unlikely that the gastric acid might run in reverse, up your esophagus. It’s a really convenient remedy which makes sense after you know how come acid reflux transpires.

While it is not a stable cure for acid reflux, a wedge pillow is the all natural remedy which will minimize the difficulties when you are lying down and attempting to sleep resulting in restful nights enabling you to waken feeling renewed and vitalized.